Mediterranean elegance in Ithaca

Mediterranean elegance in Ithaca
  • PlaceIthaca
  • CountryGreece
  • CategoryPrivate villa
  • DesignerMarc Newson
  • Year2017

All the architectural metalwork of this Mediterranean villa is based on Marc Newson‘s design. A fruitful collaboration between the designer and our team gave life to these elegant balustrades both for the exteriors and for the interiors.

Looking at the exteriors: the railings of the balconies are rich of classic-style sinuous curls that are perfectly balanced by the minimal lines of the façade design.

For the internal staircase instead we have realised some essential balustrades: the simplicity of the design cannot but enhance the superior quality of the materials.

For this project we opted for the use of brass, a metal alloy that require great mastery of the gesture since its fusion point and its degree of elasticity are very low.

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