Wrought iron
master artisans since 1655

We manufacture unique elements, exploring the expressive power of wrought iron, brass, bronze.



Artisans with a love for Architecture

The experience gathered in all these years led us to interact with different kind of clients, of design concept, of architectural style.

Whether it is a private client or an architectural practice with international projects, VilliZANINI’s philosophy is always the same:

we want to empathise with the project and understand the places where our architectural metalworks will be installed.

The Dialogue between all the parties is the only way we know to create wrought iron elements that will gracefully stand the test of time, in harmony with the design concept.

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Creative, reliable partners for your projects

An independent artisan company since 1655, VilliZANINI keeps on preserving the ancient ironworking techniques by crafting products with the utmost care for details.

Beside the processing of iron and metals as from tradition, we have integrated state-of-the-art tools and technologies that allow us to create high-end architectural elements.

From an artistic perspective, we like to push our limits with extremely elaborated or realistic decor. On the other hand, we also have the technical know-how to ensure maximum reliability even when working on international projects with architects and interior designers.

The architectural metalwork signed by VilliZANINI aim to cross the line between Art and Architecture.

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Our story: a legacy that lives.

We have passed on the metalworking techniques for 14 generations. Today we are a contemporary enterprise aiming to bring together the artisan work with the actual lifestyle of our clients.

We remain faithful to our background while looking at the future: more than 350 years of uninterrupted activity represent a treasure to preserve and to pass down to future generations.

Foto storica. Diploma di anzianità artigiana.


We identify 1655 as the starting point in our arrow of time. On 6th February 1955 we received a “Diploma of Craftsmanship Seniority” certifying more than 300 years of uninterrupted artisan activity.

Foto storica. Incudine del 1710.


The tools of the trade: the anvil. We could say that the anvil quintessentially evokes the art of blacksmithing, and this one dated 1710 is still used by our skilled artisans in our atelier. Come visit us to see it for yourself!

Foto storica. La famiglia Zanini, fabbri dal 1655.


A faimily affair. This photo portrays the great-grandparents and uncles of Villi ZANINI posing around the anvil.

Bernardo e Natalino Zanini, Fabbri dal 1655


From father to son. Grandfather Bernardo Zanini and father Natalino working together in the historic workshop located in Cornuda, industrial countryside in Northern Italy.

Foto storica. Natalino e Villi ZANINI in cantiere con architetti giapponesi.


Villi formally joins the family company, making the most of his technical studies. The use of 3D CAD softwares allows the company to approach the international markets and to cooperate with interior design and architectural practices worldwide.


Relocation in the new production unit, always in Cornuda (Venice region).

La fucina di VilliZANINI


Our promise for the Future? Becoming guardians of an Artistic and Artisan capital, by keeping on creating timeless architectural elements.

Artisan knowledge is
an intangible and non-renewable capital
that requires Time to be kept alive.
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Do you have a wrought iron project in mind and look for some skilled artisans that could turn it into reality?

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Architects & Designers

Our in-house design department is at disposal to identify the best wrought iron solutions for your clients.