Since 1993 the company has been working for clients outside Italy beginning with Architectural practices in Japan for whom we have produced some significant work for private residences and public buildings in the cities of Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto as well as in Europe in London, Athens and the north of France, in the US in Los Angeles and New York, in Jeddah Saudi Arabia in Moscow Russia and in Camaroon.

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Visually and emotionally striking objects…

The workshop

The Villi Zanini workshop is one of the oldest forges in the world, with four centuries of history and knowledge handed down from father to son over 15 long generations.
It is in this tradition-laden workshop that iron, fire and creativity merge to give life to timeless creations made using ancient working methods…

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Ever since I was a child I have loved the smell of the forge and the soot, the sparks of incandescent iron and the metal heart that pulsated during the forging process under the never-ending blows of my father’s hammer, delivered with patience and decision…

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