Luxury villa in Kensington, London

Luxury villa in Kensington, London
  • PlaceLondon
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • CategoryPrivate villa
  • DesignerVilliZANINI
  • Year2007

A luxury villa in Kensington – one of the fanciest area of London – features a wrought iron driveways gate with a graphite black finish. The architectural element of the entrance gate was designed and crafted in the atelier VilliZANINI, of course.

This gate presents some vertical spindles, whose lines are clean and simple. The composition is enriched by a pattern of wrought iron circles that provides rythm and represents an unexpected element.

This wrought iron project is perfectly integrated with the aesthetic of the surrounding places, villas, buildings… At a glance: this gate is in complete harmony with the Londonese architectural style.

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