Chushin Art Museum (Hata Family)

Chushin Art Museum (Hata Family)
  • PlaceKyoto
  • CountryJapan
  • CategoryMuseum
  • DesignerNagata & Kitano & Associates Architects
  • Year1998

This project is part of the long-lasting and fruitful collaboration between our atelier in Italy and the Japanese architecture studio Nagata & Kitano & Associates. A collaboration that characterised our daily life at the workshop all over the 1990s and the 2000s and that allowed us to explore the beauty of the Japanese aesthetics and cultural traditions.

Below you could see some of the ironworks that we custom-designed for the Hata family museum. Tha Hata family is renowned in Japan for its expertise in the textile art of kimono. The interest of this project lies precisely in the search for intersection between the Italian wrought iron art and the Japanese tradition of kimono.

The Hata Museum has become today the Chushin Art Museum and it still is focused on textile arts.

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