Railings for exteriors "Boheme" (and pedestrian gate)

Railings for exteriors Graphite black 2024
Railings for exteriors
Pedestrian gate villa boheme
Ringhiere Esterni Villa Boheme realizzate in collaborazione tra VilliZANINI e Gordon-Duff & Linton

A villa on the south coast of Portugal, in the Algarve region, designed by the Jo Cowen Architects studio aiming for a Mediterranean and vaguely bohemian style.

The interior design and details of the garden were taken care of by the London studio Gordon-Duff & Linton, which commissioned us various wrought iron works including the railings for the terrace and the various areas of the garden as well as several wrought iron pedestrian gates.

For all these elements (as well as for the entrance door and the balustrade of the internal staircase) we have maintained the same decorative motif represented by a series of hand-forged curls which, together, compose the shape of a four-leaf clover.

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Railings for exteriors
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Railings for exteriors
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Railings for exteriors
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