Ornamental grating "Kobe"

Doors Graphite black 2023
inferriata decorativa per villa giapponese in mattoni
Petali in ferro sbalzato per inferriata decorativa KOBE

The element of the door in architecture indicates the transition between a sheltered space and an area of freedom. The door symbolizes also the boundary that our guests need to cross in order to access or to exit the private environment of our home. Therefore, the door has a noble and symbolic function. For this reason, with our work we want to sublimate this essential part of the structure of every building.

These wrought iron grilles for a door in a private villa in Japan are designed with the utmost care for details, letting people sense how important this part of the house is.

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Ornamental grating
Doors Graphite black

Decorative gratings “Kosei”

Ornamental grating
Doors Graphite black

Wrought iron door for a sophisticated entrance

Ornamental grating
Doors Antiqued iron

Antiqued iron entrance door