Wrought iron and wood balustrades

Balustrade Antiqued iron 2023
iron and wood balusters for internal staircase
Iron and wood railings

The repeated decorative element of this balustrade is the tulip flower, symbol of balance and purity, realised in cast bronze starting from a bespoke clay model.

As is often the case, our projects are the result of a fruitful collaboration with other experienced artisans: the atelier VilliZANINI has teamed with a skilled woodworking company to give life to a railing that looked like an actual artwork.

The interior architecture project was coordinated by the Californian architectural practise Eileen Gordon Design.

An artistic newel post made of wood

The union of wrought iron with its antiqued finish and the warm wood of the handrail and newel post give rise to an architectural element of extraordinary beauty.

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Wrought iron and wood balustrades
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Wrought iron and wood balustrades
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Wrought iron and wood balustrades
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