Artistic stair railings "Fleur-de-Lys"

Balustrade Graphite black 2024
Ringhiera in ferro battuto con giglio. Fatta a mano in Italia da VilliZANINI.
Ringhiera in ferro battuto con giglio

An artistic stair railings made of wrought iron for the interiors of an eclectic villa.

The decorative elements of the lily flower (or “Fleur-de-Lys”) characterises the ornamental composition of these stair railings, as a symbol of elegance, purity and noblesse.

Take a look at the shaped wrought iron handrail which was also realised in our atelier: this kind of details make the uniqueness of our bespoke architectural metalwork for high-end interiors worldwide.

PS. Check this article out to know more about the fascinating history of the fleur-de-lys in architecture…

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Artistic stair railings
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Artistic stair railings
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