Art Nouveau villa on the Prosecco Hills

Art Nouveau villa on the Prosecco Hills
  • PlaceAsolo
  • CountryItaly
  • CategoryPrivate villa
  • DesignerVilliZANINI
  • Year2004

Private villa on the Asolo hills, along the Architecture Road, for which we realised several wrought iron elements presenting the sylistic hallmarks of Art Nouveau; take a look for instance at the peculiar shapes of the curls of the main entrance door and of the back door.

In full VilliZANINI’s style, together with the references of architectural styles and abstract patterns, the ornamental composition feature some decorative elements extremely realistic. The hand-forged roses, their stems and their leaves replicate the shapes of Nature.

The overall residence is inspired by Art Nouveau style, except for a single element that can be found in the detached area of the winter garden: here, indeed, the massive wrought iron door is disinguished by a clear Art Deco style.

The common denominator lies in the abundance of floral and botanical references.

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