Yacht Xanadu – Livorno

Italy - 2008

The interior design of this luxury yacht originates from a partnership between the Benetti Group and the renowned yacht design studio of Andrew Winch, with the participation of Villi Zanini for the design of the decorative elements of the curved wrought iron staircase.

The coordination work allowed us to work with detailed deadlines, extreme precision and attention to detail, in keeping with the standards of excellence of the project.


Despite their classic design, the wrought iron decorations of the balustrade are inspired by the marine world: The final part of the curls reflects the spiral of a seashell while the newel features a twisted decorative element reminiscent of seaweed.

These choices testify to Villi Zanini’s design philosophy and the search for aesthetic elements in harmony with the architecture, the people and the place where the commissions will be installed.