The gate is the first element to have an impact on an individual entering a private residence and it has always been object of particular attention. The ancient, rustic, luxury or modern gate has always represented a building’s distinctive motif. In this display of portals, some models have been presented where there are some expressions such as the extensive whorls, the imposing cornice and golden decorations that stand for the luxury inherent in French residences.
The geometry of the interwoven mesh and the harmony of the hand-forged whorls create the simple artistic composition for a country house. A traditional working process incorporating a geometric design and modern reinterpretation with the juxtaposition of stainless steel elements makes this gate quite unique. The use of new forms with branches and hand-forged leaves, vines, roses, acanthus, etc. create artistic ornaments that in some extraordinary way combine with brick, stone and marble architectural masonry.