The gate is the first architectural element to suggest the style of a building. Therefore, it is paramount that the gate’s decor and its design fully represent the architectural and aesthetics choices.

VilliZANINI can offer full support to architects and designers when it comes to gate design. We offer the opportunity to customize your gate in a unique way, by developing a unique design through hand forged décor and a deep knowledge of materials (wrought iron, brass or bronze).

Whether you require a country-style wrought iron gate or an antiqued wrought iron gate for historic villas or even a more contemporary looking gate, VilliZANINI’s goal will always be to ensure a harmonious visual result, in line with the overall aesthetic of the building.

The gate design is sublimed by the artisanal wrought iron techniques and by the skills of our wrought iron masters who can create some real ornamental artworks. Hand-forged leaves, realistic roses, or acanthus that cannot but add value to every single product.

Below you will find some references of gates VilliZANINI realised in the past. Get in touch to know more about the gate we could develop for you!