Grilled Doors
A security door that has been built with a robust frame in solid iron, a double bit key lock and covered with decorated sheet iron. Decorated, forged-type hinges. This type of solution together with grilled windows will make the security of your home complete.
Door frame and glass
Security doors manufactured with an iron frame structure. The trimmings, double glazing and wrought iron grills make this door complete with reference to heat insulation and security.
Security door
A door that has been produced with an armoured, anti-break-in structure, manual or electronic-type lock, the application of smash-proof and bullet-proof glass and a decorative, wrought iron grill; make this door exceptional for those who are looking for maximum security but who still wish to maintain a certain degree of architectural style.
VilliZANINI can realise any kind of wrought iron doors. Our skilled team is at disposal to identify the most suitable style and aesthetics in order to meet our clients' tastes and personality.